Internet Credit Card Access - An added bonus for Primebank cardholders is access to your credit card information through the use of the internet. This is a secure web site service provided by our credit card processor that gives you access to current and past statements and a way to pay your bill via the internet. Other features include:

  • Account Summary- The Account Summary page gives you a snapshot of your account balance, available credit, payment information, and credit limit at the date and time displayed. This screen can also provide all recent transactions that have not yet been billed.
  • Full Statement- In addition to your account summary, you can also view up to 18 months of your credit card account history.
  • Bill Payment- The bill payment feature gives you the ability to make credit card payments electronically, direct from your checking account.
  • Transaction Tracking- You can view transaction information, assign expense categories and add memos, which can be searched at a later time.
  • Reports- You can create customized reports.
  • Alerts- You can have this service notify you when certain events occur by an e-mail alert.
  • Find Transactions- You can search statement information for specific transactions.
  • Download- You can download information to use with your own money management software.

To use this service, please click on the Card Access button below. 
Remember that by connecting to this link, you will be leaving the web site of Primebank but are connecting to a secure site.


Credit Card Agreements - If you have a Primebank credit card and would like a copy of your cardholder agreement, please call us at (712)546-4175 or click here to request a copy online.

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