Good Neighbors Club Membership Advantages

The Good Neighbors Club is an exclusive service to benefit our valued customers aged 55 and over.

To become a member of the Good Neighbors Club, you or your spouse simply need to maintain one of the following at Primebank:

Balance of $1,000 in any checking or savings account
$10,000 Certificate of Deposit
$25,000 in our Investment Center

A Good Neighbors Club membership opens the door to unique banking and social advantages, including:  

• Vacation Opportunities – Becoming a member of the Good Neighbors Club allows you to take advantage of unique opportunities and vacation experiences. Enjoy one-day trips, tours, theaters, and extensive vacations – all at group prices.

• Social Events – As a member of the Good Neighbors Club, you are invited to attend a variety of social events including potlucks, movies, speakers, and card parties.

• Additional Benefits: 
    – Free personalized club checks
    – Free money orders and cashier’s checks
    – Newsletter 
    – Free lamination and copy services 
    – Safe deposit box discount

The Good Neighbors Club also offers a Bonus Program where you can earn points to defray the cost of trips. Points are accumulated by participating in trips, or referring a new member to the club.

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